We are real estate investors dedicated to working for the small investor by  seeking out the best qualified real estate investments that will fit your personal situation and needs.  We are not financial planners or investment fund managers.  We want to help you succeed in building your wealth.  We do not charge fees or try to sell you anything.  We have opportunities available and we seek investors to join together to take advantage of those opportunities.   We do all the work for you and you sit back and reap the profits. 


ira investing

our goal for investors

Do you have an IRA from a former employer that is not working for you? Tired of watching your retirement account go up and down? Would you like to see steady above average returns?

Call or Email us today and we will work with you on how to set up your IRA to invest in Real Property.


Our goal is to provide for everyone, no matter how small an investment, an opportunity to share in the wealth that can be built by real estate investing.  We strive for all our investors to become a part of the Lone Star Enterprises family.  We look forward to having you join us.


We offer partnerships in all our products:

Rental Property 

Rehab Financing

Wholesale Financing

Purchase Notes and Mortgages

Joint Ventures Available